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could you at least attempt to learn how to draw


also i thought you were dead, but i guess i was wrong


is it true you told snowfox to censor my part

I asked him if it was really necessary to show a penis, but I didn't try and force him or anything.

I'll be sure to check that collab out! Good to see you're still around.

Wow, why cant you die already?

you suck

Topic: Public Apology to Newgrounds. Posted: 11/15/06 02:20 PM

"I decided to write this after reading a comment on the forums here. THen i realized that some people have a opinion of me thats totally untrue. This may be a bit late to even matter, but i want people to know where I'm coming form. And hopefuly understand why I do what I do. I also write this knowing full well the responces it's bound to get here on the fourms.

It's no secret I don't make as many movies as i used to. This is for a few reasons: be it other hobbies and Flash not being as exciting as it once was. It's also no secret I don't do the more advanced side of Flash animating. I'm selective on what I work on because of these things.

A few months ago I released a World of Warcraft based movie I was quite proud of. All the feedback I got back from it when making it was very positive. I felt it was a good quality movie and the public will respond favorably. And I was right. The movie was released with good feedback. However...

During the course of the night the score got lower and lower. And not just the normal decaying of a score, but from a abundance or users voting low. It was soon at a score that was, in mine and Tom Fulp's opinion, far to low for a movie of that quality.

It might surprise some of you, but I know very well some people just won't like what I do. I released that movie well aware of my reputation on the vocal NG forums. I never assumed to get a #1 rated movie of all time, or even a #1 for the day. But when the movie has the score to be in the top 5 of the day one minute then falls so quickly even before it even has a chance to earn it, it's quite upsetting.

I was angry that a movie I work hard on for months was getting treated that way. A score is just a score... But in this case the score wasn't fair.

And it may shock you again but I don't care if I get a negative review as long as it's constructive. But what I was seeing here were extremely low scores for no good reason. So I made a post on my deviantART page about how "I have outgrown NG." And in the case of the reviews this movie was getting that statement was true. There we're plenty of constructive reviews with lower scores, and I accept that. But the majority of them were flames, or criticism for silly reasons.

I talked things over with Tom, saying how I was upset, but ultimately I decided I myself was being stupid. I just never made a post about it. Perhaps it didn't have the appeal I thought it would have. Other flash sites with user scoring voted the movie at around the same level. (after the NG score evened itself out again that is) People saw it right? Thats what always mattered to me.

A few days later the movie got #6 in the monthly contest. (so close! :( ) This said to me it wasn't necessarily the movie itself, but a vocal number of users that voted when it was released.

This long boring letter is a apology to anyone who read that DA message. Even though I do I have criticisms with NG, it was not directed with the NG members that make it a good place.

So for those here who don't seem to like me for whatever reason, I hope you know I'm not some egotistical jerk who bad mouthed NG just because a movie I made didn't do fantastic on the site.

I hope in the all future submissions to this site will be judged fairly b the vast majority of it's users. I, like many other flash artists, do this out of the goodness of my heart. I don't get paid for what i do here. I make movies because I like it, and other people like what I do. And believe it or not, people on NG like it to."

- Joseph Blanchette (LegendaryFrog)

Yeah I realized soon after writing that I was taking scores on NG was to seriously. That was like... 3 or 4 years ago, so it's water under the bridge.

You have been here almost as long as I have; to be honest, you can draw and animate. However, you need to work on making your content better. Watch and study a few Baron von Brunk cartoons if necissary.

Why all the hate?

the real collab:
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/497787">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /497787</a>

The Zelda collab was extremely 'meh'.

Wow, you're alive, im glad, your flashes are pretty much the first ones i saw on the internet, also had you site on my faves back then

Why is everyone saying LF sucks? It's interesting that most of the people saying it haven't released an animation of their own but they say he can't draw or animate. Does that make any sense? If you are going to say he sucks then put something better on here.

Why is everyone being such a douche towards Joey? We all practically grew up with watching his animations. I know I did.

Yea, i dont see many legendary frog flashes on NG so whats with everyone thinkin this guy died? did he stop animating for a year or two? Please try and PM anyone and dont call me a noob or whatev because to me NG is a positive place and all critizzizem and bad mouthing should be positive and/or helpful

Did you spend your childhood inside?

I'm pretty sure I grew up going outside and playing with friends.

Just a little improvement is all I'm askin' for here.
No progression? No respect.

I liked the animation in that last bit with the throwing of the metal ball. That looked fantastic.

I just wish you did a part on an older Zelda because I never bothered with Wind Waker. And most of the others had random off-tangent humor in Zelda context...

I thought you died.

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