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LegendaryFrog's News

Posted by LegendaryFrog - October 9th, 2012


Some of you might recall that back in 2009 I started a collab based off of the Resident Evil series. The collab, mostly recruited from my deviantART page, was to be my last big project under the name LegendaryFrog.... A sort of goodbye to parodies as I moved on to do stuff with what would later become Toonwerks.

The project got off to a strong start, as they often do. But all to similarly, real life and prior commitments got in the way. One by one people began to drop off. For every completed skit, one or two members would have to leave. I suppose it's sort of par for the course for collabs. Twice I began recruiting again over the couple years, and while a few more skits got completed, ultimately I didn't feel it was worth completing or releasing as it was. Toonwerks at this point was in full swing, and a Resident Evil collab was low on my list of priorities.

After a LONG delay I've decided to release the completed skits on you YouTube channel. There's some good stuff here, so I really wanted people to see them! A big thanks to all the people involved! (Proper credits can be found in the video descriptions.)

I've embedded 2 of my favorites below, but I urge all of you to check out the entire playlist here:

Resident Evil Skit Playlist

Make sure to subscribe also! Not only might a couple more skits be released there, but you can watch all the Toonwerks stuff, both cartoons and "Let's Plays," there as well!

Enjoy everyone!

PS: Wonders of the Universe 4 is ALMOST DONE.


Posted by LegendaryFrog - June 22nd, 2012

After what seemed like an eternity, Episode 3 of Wonders of the Universe is released! Please go check it out!

Wonders of the Universe 3 on Newgrounds

We had a lot of fun writing this episode, but it wasn't without its fair share of headaches. Most notably, the dreaded "Real Life Obligation" beast reared its ugly head several times. We've chronicled it all in a new Podcast episode... found here!

Wonders 3 Podcast

We appreciate and want to thank every single one of you who took the time to watch the episode! We also hope you all are enjoying the series as much as we are making it. If you enjoy what you've seen, please tell a friend!

Things are still moving forward with Wonders. As I've stated in a previous post, I'm working on a stand alone short based on Lin'zee Starshine... who was introduced in Episode 2. Mark is knee deep in Episode 4, (which we'll be talking more about sometime soon) and script writing has just started on Episode 5. And on a Non-Wonders note... we'll probably have an original "one off" cartoon ready to go at years end.

Once again, thank you all for your support! And remember to give us a like on out Facebook page. We're always posting updates and random musings on there, so it's the best place to keep up to date with our projects!

Toonwerks on Facebook

- Joseph (and the rest of the Toonwerks team)

Wonders of the Universe 3 and podcast!


Posted by LegendaryFrog - April 20th, 2012

Hello all! This isn't a update on Wonders of the Universe, because nothing really has changed since our last news post.

Our last Toonwerks news post

But since then I've decided to help with the animation process for Wonders Episode 3 alongside Casey and Chris. Before this, I had already started to get back into animation with the Wonders "Meet Lin'zee" short a couple weeks prior. But working on a actual EPISODE was daunting. Luckily, a few things really helped out getting the hang of the art of cartooning again.

First off, Episode 3 of Wonders is being animated by someone who's not Mark. By that very nature it will look different than the ones that he worked on before. Mark puts an incredible amount of detail in his work. Not to say me, Chris and Casey don't take a lot of care into what we do... but when I think of putting that much detail into movements I start to go a bit nuts! We're all actually pretty similar when it comes to our technique though. So I'm hoping it will be fairly seamless when you all watch it.

I did try to copy things Mark had in the other episodes... Things like how he moves the body when talking and the inclusion of blinks. And I think we all agree that animating the new character Rüt2 is tons of fun!

The second thing that helped me is the way Mark had used nested graphics for nearly everything. That means every character on screen is about 3 separate symbols deep. The top one holds everything, the middle one has character animation, and the 3rd is the face that has lip sync and face movements. It makes it very easy to change and tweak things after animation is done. It's not a NEW process, but a big step up from the way I did things in the past.

I've also been using easing more... which is both great and a pain in the butt for the more complex movements. I'm sure Mark has a process down for it all, but I'm still getting getting used to it all. And looking back to my older work, it's a big improvement.

Anyway, as it stands, I'm almost done with the scene I'm working on, and I'll probably be doing another as well. (the first and final scene) And after all this is done, it's back to work on the short!

Speaking of the short, here's a shot of it that was posted on our Facebook page!

(Make sure to give us a like get updates on the progress of our cartoons!)

Back into the animation fray

Posted by LegendaryFrog - November 19th, 2011

Last week, me and Chris Boe released The Journey of Greenfeet... an animated Minecraft documentary parody. I use the term parody, but it's one of those parodies that wasn't really meant to satire the thing its based off of. I wanted to take the world of Minecraft, and take it one step further and pretend it was a real, blocky place. I wanted a fun narrative too, to make it more entertaining. The Creeper seemed the obvious choice for a subject to follow around... they're one of the most iconic things about Minecraft. And of course... Little Baby Cweepor Trees.

Thank you everyone who help make the movie a success!

You can learn a bit more about the movie, as well as our upcoming Toonwerks' projects, in our newest podcast. Oh, and our Facebook page! Make sure to "Like" us to get previews of upcoming movies!

On the Wonders of the Universe front, work on Episode 3 should start real soon. We've gotten some lines in from a couple of our voice actors, and artwork is being made for the new locations we'll visit. Once again, it'll follow Quintin Quasar and be set on the day the ship finally launches for it's maiden voyage. Expect a new character to be introduced as well!

We don't have a release time frame for this one, as it's being handeld by a new animator... but expect it sometime early next year. in the meantime, we'll have a few shorts to hold you over.

I hope you all enjoyed the new cartoon!

- Joseph

(artwork below by Chris Boe)

Minecraft Documentary follow up

Posted by LegendaryFrog - October 20th, 2011

Last week, us at Toonwerks released the followup episode to Wonders of the Universe. THIS was the cartoon we set out to make when we came up with the concept. We were able to introduce several new characters AND have a story. Mark worked super hard get it done in a fairly short amount of time to. Great job everyone involved!

Unfortunately, the movie (as well as several others) were hit bit a mass Zero attack an hour before midnight on Saturday. We were pretty bummed to be honest. But thanks to all of you, not only did it bounce back and get Review Pick... it also popped up in the weekly top 5. Thank you all for making a grim situation more positive!

What's next for the series? Episode 3 is written, but will have a new animator. It's none other than Chris Boe of Crab Battle fame! The animation style will undoubtedly differ... but Mark needed a break.

A couple of shorts should also be released before then. One will be a short 90 second movie similar to "Milky Ways." The other will be more like a mini episode, but probably won't have a episode number attached to it. I'll be animating that one... and it'll star my favorite character: Lin'zee Starshine.

So thanks again all, and I hope you enjoyed Episode 2! If you did... make sure to tell a friend! Also... check us out on Facebook, and watch the movie in full screen AND in HD on YouTube!

- Joseph

Wonders of the Universe 2 Followup

Posted by LegendaryFrog - July 7th, 2011

The response from the "Wonders of the Universe" Pilot (as well as the mini episode that followed) has been more than we were hoping for. All thanks to you! Comments from Newgrounds, YouTube, and on DeviantART, have been very positive. And when more negative criticisms did pop up, most of them were fair and open to seeing where the series goes in the future.

I'm glad the that concept that this was a introductory pilot got across to many of you. Our goal after we decided to focus on Quintin's first day was to 1) Introduce a main character plus a couple others, 2) keep with the series goal by having it be under 5 minutes, and 3) have it be funny so people won't be bored.

Having a 45 second commercial at the beginning did cut down on the time with Quintin and Nova in the end though. I wish we had a bit more interaction between them. But we felt it was more important to set up the universe at the start, even if the episode itself didn't reflect it fully. It was another compromise, and thats why we wanted to make it entertaining to watch.

So what's in store for Episode 2? We'll have a story which will have a resolution at the end, for starters. It'll have more character introductions, but the entire episode won't be set around it. Which characters you say? It'll focus on some of the alien characters teased in the commercial. We'll meet the Captain, the dashing James McKracken... as well as his First Mate, Lin'zee Starshine. The head of security, Major Canis, will also be featured. And don't worry! Quintin will be in there if you're a fan of humans.

Thanks again for the warm reception to the pilot, and hope you stick around as we follow The Wonders of the Universe on it's exciting voyage!

Wonders of the Universe Followup

Posted by LegendaryFrog - March 5th, 2011

Hey all!

With animation for "Legends of the Black Book - Act 2" officially beginning, we wanted to give you a little sneak peak of the delayed sequel. You might remember these characters from the movie's intro... who disappeared after the Dark Lord Malack is released from the Black Book. Well they're back.. and a little deader than usual.

To be honest there's not much NEW to show from part 2, as it follows the same characters introduced as the first. But characters like these will show up for more than one scene at least. We hope fans of the series first episode don't mind the wait. We've been making sure Legends meets our own steep expectations. Trust us, we're eager to get these ideas onto the computer screen and tweened into existence... but with the lessons learned from Act 1 we wanted to make sure we got it right!

Screenshot of Legends of the Black Book 2

Posted by LegendaryFrog - July 23rd, 2010

"Legends of the Black Book" was released over the weekend, and response has been very good! Thanks to everyone who got us the Daily first! We'll be working hard to complete Part 2 so we know if Xiphon and Slinks ever get out of that evil, silly forest.

Link to the Movie

We've also been listening to criticism about the movie. We actualy we're aware of most of the problems, but they were kinda hard to fix once we saw them. (Blame Casey's love of writing overlong scripts on that one! ) Some improvements we plan to make for part 2 is a shorter, more compact movie. Oh, and more consistent sound.. that was a pain....

The length was also a issue when MAKING the movie. Like most long flash projects, by the end Mark (Th1rt3en) was sick of looking at it. He still wants to animate, but needs a break form "Legends." So what we plan to do is each of us will be animating 1 or 2 shorter movies, averaging about 2 or 4 minutes each. This sill give us a little break, but also give us content for when Part 2 begins production. Some of these will be based on "Legends," but some will be completely unrelated.

If you want to learn a little more about this, I suggest listening to the Podcast we did about Toonwerks. We talk about making the movie, what we want to do for future installments, and other series. You can find it here:

Episode 37: Toonwerks (and Legends of the Black Book)

Again, all 3 of us (Casey, Mark and Joseph) would like you thank everyone. Toonwerks is off to a good start, and we hope to only get better as make more movies!

Legends of the Black Book Part 1

Posted by LegendaryFrog - June 18th, 2009

I've been doing flash a long time, and a little awhile ago I updated my Flash model for Claire Redfield. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing how my style has changed over the years. If I remember the dates right... the oldest one is form 2002, then 2005, with the newest being...well.. new... from 2009.

Unlike the updated Zelda models I posted on my deviantART page, this one will defiantly be used in a movie. What a nice change of pace that will be! Three projects I was working on last year fell apart. Among them A Zelda parody and a 3rd Matrix Has You. It's quite a shame :/ Perhaps I'll showcase of those models on here in the future. The movies may be canceled, but I'm quite proud of the art I did for them!

Oh, and the Numa Numa Dance is still awesome.

The Evolution of Claire Redfield

Posted by LegendaryFrog - June 5th, 2009

I forgot I had this... is this thing on? *tap tap*

After I did my segments in "$00pah nin10doh" I had a extra idea for a Zelda skit, but Kirb didn't want more than 1 movie about a franchise. So I searched the forums here at NG and found a Zelda collab in the works.

Lo and behold it actually came out!

It turned out pretty decent, so it's worth a look. Be warned there's a bit of nudity in it though...

Who am I kidding this is Newgrounds, the home of "The Street Fighter Collab"


The Zelda Collab

Also, for those of your not aware, me and my freinds do a podcast about nerdy things. Maybe you'll like it!

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