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Minecraft Documentary follow up

Posted by LegendaryFrog - November 19th, 2011

Last week, me and Chris Boe released The Journey of Greenfeet... an animated Minecraft documentary parody. I use the term parody, but it's one of those parodies that wasn't really meant to satire the thing its based off of. I wanted to take the world of Minecraft, and take it one step further and pretend it was a real, blocky place. I wanted a fun narrative too, to make it more entertaining. The Creeper seemed the obvious choice for a subject to follow around... they're one of the most iconic things about Minecraft. And of course... Little Baby Cweepor Trees.

Thank you everyone who help make the movie a success!

You can learn a bit more about the movie, as well as our upcoming Toonwerks' projects, in our newest podcast. Oh, and our Facebook page! Make sure to "Like" us to get previews of upcoming movies!

On the Wonders of the Universe front, work on Episode 3 should start real soon. We've gotten some lines in from a couple of our voice actors, and artwork is being made for the new locations we'll visit. Once again, it'll follow Quintin Quasar and be set on the day the ship finally launches for it's maiden voyage. Expect a new character to be introduced as well!

We don't have a release time frame for this one, as it's being handeld by a new animator... but expect it sometime early next year. in the meantime, we'll have a few shorts to hold you over.

I hope you all enjoyed the new cartoon!

- Joseph

(artwork below by Chris Boe)

Minecraft Documentary follow up

Comments (5)

i heard creepers die after mating, is this picture invalid or adoption?

Chris Boe's title of this picture is "The family portrait that could never be." :(

and you're 29.

It'll been nearly 10 years since my first flash movie. How crazy is that?

If you do another Minecraft video, can it be about the Enderman, Herobrine, etc?
Something that the Internet has been talking about for quite awhile.

This was great :) but I miss Ark and Kerri :(

Happy creeper? WTF BOOM!!!