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Wonders of the Universe 2 Followup

Posted by LegendaryFrog - October 20th, 2011

Last week, us at Toonwerks released the followup episode to Wonders of the Universe. THIS was the cartoon we set out to make when we came up with the concept. We were able to introduce several new characters AND have a story. Mark worked super hard get it done in a fairly short amount of time to. Great job everyone involved!

Unfortunately, the movie (as well as several others) were hit bit a mass Zero attack an hour before midnight on Saturday. We were pretty bummed to be honest. But thanks to all of you, not only did it bounce back and get Review Pick... it also popped up in the weekly top 5. Thank you all for making a grim situation more positive!

What's next for the series? Episode 3 is written, but will have a new animator. It's none other than Chris Boe of Crab Battle fame! The animation style will undoubtedly differ... but Mark needed a break.

A couple of shorts should also be released before then. One will be a short 90 second movie similar to "Milky Ways." The other will be more like a mini episode, but probably won't have a episode number attached to it. I'll be animating that one... and it'll star my favorite character: Lin'zee Starshine.

So thanks again all, and I hope you enjoyed Episode 2! If you did... make sure to tell a friend! Also... check us out on Facebook, and watch the movie in full screen AND in HD on YouTube!

- Joseph

Wonders of the Universe 2 Followup

Comments (5)

How did you know it was a mass zero attack? Sometimes the score lowers as it receives an increased amount of views that average it out. A score lowering in judgment doesn't necessarily mean it's being zero-bombed, just growing. But you said other flashes of yours were lowering too, so that seems strange, but not uncommon. Anyway, good luck with the series so far


We saw the movie got about 200+ votes AND the score lower a entire point over the course of only a few minutes. Not only that, we saw the same thing happen to other movies that were in the Blue scoring range. It was a bitter sweet night :(

I was wondering why the score was so low. I thought the episode was great and deserved a much higher score.

OH hey I remember you!

This was a pretty good cartoon! It's good that you're getting a new animator, cos the animation is pretty sad.
Milky Ways was funny.

these are really awesome man!

I just want to say, you're really great. I remember loving your stuff way back when I was a kid, and it's really cool how you're still around and making videos.