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Resident Evil collab skits released!

Posted by LegendaryFrog - October 9th, 2012


Some of you might recall that back in 2009 I started a collab based off of the Resident Evil series. The collab, mostly recruited from my deviantART page, was to be my last big project under the name LegendaryFrog.... A sort of goodbye to parodies as I moved on to do stuff with what would later become Toonwerks.

The project got off to a strong start, as they often do. But all to similarly, real life and prior commitments got in the way. One by one people began to drop off. For every completed skit, one or two members would have to leave. I suppose it's sort of par for the course for collabs. Twice I began recruiting again over the couple years, and while a few more skits got completed, ultimately I didn't feel it was worth completing or releasing as it was. Toonwerks at this point was in full swing, and a Resident Evil collab was low on my list of priorities.

After a LONG delay I've decided to release the completed skits on you YouTube channel. There's some good stuff here, so I really wanted people to see them! A big thanks to all the people involved! (Proper credits can be found in the video descriptions.)

I've embedded 2 of my favorites below, but I urge all of you to check out the entire playlist here:

Resident Evil Skit Playlist

Make sure to subscribe also! Not only might a couple more skits be released there, but you can watch all the Toonwerks stuff, both cartoons and "Let's Plays," there as well!

Enjoy everyone!

PS: Wonders of the Universe 4 is ALMOST DONE.

Comments (4)

I recall Richie of Pikanjo talking about working on a part for this collab. Is his part one of those? Or was he one of the people who had to drop off?

Or am I mistaking him for someone else?

Regardless, I'm glad to see this finally released, albeit not how I had hoped for. It's still damn awesome though. Also looking forward to more WotU. :)

I loved your old flash movies from a decade back.. Glad to see you guys are still active.


Good to see that you're still going!