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The Hobbit Act II?

2008-08-24 12:57:22 by LegendaryFrog

Wow, it's bee awhile. To be honest my deviantART page is the place were i make ranodm posts. But i really should do it here to.

Some of you might be wondering where The Hobbit Act II is. TO be honest, the project became to big, and I didn't have the heart to animate 2 more 10 minute movies of the same thing. The first part dind't turn otu exactly like I hoped, and while I was going ot do my best to improev on it, it seemed like I could be making metter use of my Flash time.

But fans of the movie shouldn't worry, because I'm going to try something new with the series. By the end of the year i want to start releasing a series of "radio plays" telling the Hobbit. They'll be similar to the movie, but designed so no visuals are needed. This way I won't need to skip parts, and I can spend more time on parts I skimmed over.

Hopefully it'll turn out well, and i can complete it that way. I won't now until I try!

LF Comics

2007-07-25 17:57:13 by LegendaryFrog

Just trying out some of the new features NG has. I like how every artist has his own page, it reminds me of of some art sites I go to. I'll try and keep this place updated!

Did you know I post weekly Comics on my site? Since movies take so long to make now, I figured it would be a good way to get some stuff out there quickly. You can see them at http://comic.legendaryfrog.com/