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Wonders of the Universe Followup

Posted by LegendaryFrog - July 7th, 2011

The response from the "Wonders of the Universe" Pilot (as well as the mini episode that followed) has been more than we were hoping for. All thanks to you! Comments from Newgrounds, YouTube, and on DeviantART, have been very positive. And when more negative criticisms did pop up, most of them were fair and open to seeing where the series goes in the future.

I'm glad the that concept that this was a introductory pilot got across to many of you. Our goal after we decided to focus on Quintin's first day was to 1) Introduce a main character plus a couple others, 2) keep with the series goal by having it be under 5 minutes, and 3) have it be funny so people won't be bored.

Having a 45 second commercial at the beginning did cut down on the time with Quintin and Nova in the end though. I wish we had a bit more interaction between them. But we felt it was more important to set up the universe at the start, even if the episode itself didn't reflect it fully. It was another compromise, and thats why we wanted to make it entertaining to watch.

So what's in store for Episode 2? We'll have a story which will have a resolution at the end, for starters. It'll have more character introductions, but the entire episode won't be set around it. Which characters you say? It'll focus on some of the alien characters teased in the commercial. We'll meet the Captain, the dashing James McKracken... as well as his First Mate, Lin'zee Starshine. The head of security, Major Canis, will also be featured. And don't worry! Quintin will be in there if you're a fan of humans.

Thanks again for the warm reception to the pilot, and hope you stick around as we follow The Wonders of the Universe on it's exciting voyage!

Wonders of the Universe Followup

Comments (9)

Space isn't exactly the final frontier...
The human mind has yet to be discovered past the 1/10th fraction.

So whats the next character's name? John GenericSpaceTerm?

Quintin Quasar is about as bad as it gets, don't worry.

why are people ^^^^ such dicks about things like that - - yes quentin quasar seems an obvious name for the genre - but its got a nice ring and gives it a certain feel that i think helps the accomplish the vibe..yeesh - looking forward to the next episode!

Can't wait! B)


Tweens and shitty characters


I recall writing a review for the pilot before... Heh, I guess I must've forgotten to do that. Will get right on it. I loved the pilot and that little short so I can't wait for what's coming up next.

Sorry I just couldn't resist :P

*More babes in skimpy space suits plz