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HURRAY ur responding to comments now! Good to see your still around, i thought u stopped making flash animations because u barely post anything :(

awwww frog , you never stop exciting me. Do you mind joining my halo 3 collab , would love to have a famous name on board. I'm going to send you a Pm JUST incase lol.

Vote on my art :D

<3 frog

Awesome! The middle one is still my favorite though. Hope that does not offend you. Resident Evil: Code Veronica is still my favorite resident evil game, it was the last realy great resident evil game, in my opinion. It was just a great game, even with the goofy characters (i'm looking at you steve!) Youre flash parody was really good. I hope you make a part 2. You said you had to cut the original one in half, so could you please upload it? That would be awesome.


What is really funny about that is I just watched Numa Numa. It still Kicks ass even today.

Do you think you'll use this in the second resident evil code veronica X flash addition? (if there is one)

I think that the second version of claire is the best

Claire was awesome in the movie and RE2 are going to be adding leon in any movies with clare or just Clare? on the other hand your work is cool can't wait for part 2

Good to see your still around...

Impressive. I've followed your work for a long time now, and I look forward to what is to come :]

the previuos wasn't that bad.it just needed better talking animation.

You're still one of my favorite artists of all times! I know you're done with the Hobbit retelling, and how everyone didn't like it, but I thought it was off the wall hilarious!

cool, my favorite old time Flash animator still comes to Newgrounds. Claire looks pretty good with your style. Just don't change it too much. I loved your flashes over the years, and honestly, I'd like to see more. Good luck Legendary Frog. Because I think honestly, you've earned that name.

Your art is a lot better now than back in 2002, very noticeably better. and I was reading some of these comments and some of these guys are dicks. because personally the art doesn't matter, "not that yours is bad" but the point is that your flashes are funny and well known because of it. so keep up the awesome that's what newgrounds is for..................................
..............."the middle is my favorite tho"

It Looked awesome on #2, but #3 Is awesome 2.
Why? Because #2 Gave more of the unique drawn and "cut out" feeling yo have for pretty much everything. I personally, hate the "blotches" you see in Claire's hair. It takes away uniqueness, but thats just my opinion.

i hope to see it! i thought you stopped making flash

its great to find out you still are in the game, i have always loved your stuff since i was way younger, and the improvement is great, im getting all giddy thinking about it! ahah k creepy anyway i really hope you keep up making flash and stick with your style

I've been waiting for a long lime for a RE: Code Veronica sequel and I hope it does'nt get cancelled because I want to see how much the sequel is better than the original.

I would say keep the 2nd one. Don't provde to much detail, it just brings down the cartoonist comedy and makes things a lot harder to comprehend. Your new one looks too much like it belongs in a bad tween cartoon show.

oh wow and that's just flash there.

gotta love progress ^_^

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