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Welcome to the World of FLASHcraft!

That's all I have to say.

Xiphon responds:

i WAS going to leave this as the only review i didn't respond to, but than I couldn't say I replied to all of them.

that's all I have to say.

Kraid can't catch a break...

This was very clever! The first part was just ike the game, I was almost fooled. To bad the frame limit was reached. Hurry up and make the next part!

2 fisted monkey style!

The movie itself was a perfect conversion of 8-Bit Theater, much improved over Part 1... but the icing on the cake was the Outtakes at the end. Did you wirte those yourself?

Anyway, sad to hear you won't be continuing the series for awhile... but I hope your replacement does just as good!

"How Luke got hurt"

Haha! That was great! The art was a little beginerish but he humor made up for it! When Luke got hurt over and over... that was very funny. Anyway, you have promise! Keep it up!

LD1984 responds:

I thank you, my stallion.

No crime in space!

Make more adventures of Space Dog! But... there's no crime in outer space... so I guess the day is saved... by SPACE DOG!


This is a nice little short! The animation is smooth and and fluid. I think the lack of arms and legs make it flow better. And yeah, I think he looks good without a face to!

TomokoSasaki responds:

thankyou. thankyou also for help with the sounds :) xxxx it was a good plan babe xxx

Short but sweet

HAHA! Birkins voice and expressions bar hilarious. But it needs to be longer! Make that follow up!

Give that sasuage! --- NEEEEEVER!

I must say I was really surprised. The jump graphicly from PK1 to PK2 was really big. Better animation, better art, more action... my ONLY gripe is the humor wasn't has consistant as the first movies. But the jokes you did have were great and the excellent action scenes made it even better. And it didn't hurt that I did some voices :p Great work!!!

Pikanjo responds:

Yes, the animation is VERY different, we know. But for the better... Thanks for the voices and review Joey!


LOL. Sometimes I wonder about the Resident Evil series... who designs these buildings anyway?

Anything with Rikku is wonderful!

That was great... that Rikku part was hilarious!

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